woensdag 25 juli 2012

Summer music in the park - Zomerconcerten in het park

Every tuesday evening there are free music conscrts in the Valkenbergpark, the central park of my city. (google maps, Nederland, Valkenberg breda. Use the yellow guy on the left to walk around) A lovely concept especially when its nice weather. And this week summer arrived (the weatherforcast says till friday, but I'm not complaning after all the rain) it's around 28 C. We bought some salads, wine, water and chocolat raisins, spread our plaids and rested our buts in the evening sun. The music starts at 20.15, experience learn us that its really crowded at that time so we found our place on the green at 18.30. Totaly worth it. I had a great evening!

Love Susan

woensdag 18 juli 2012

Altered book lesson 11 - Altered book les 11


How are you all doing? Nice weather and good spirits?? Wel we haven't have good weather, days on end with rain, rain and more rain. Today will be a nice day and the weatherman said next week will be one with summer weather (remind you dutch summer weather so there still may be some rain).
Throughout last weeks of rain, every time my spirit went down hill I've been crafting. And up the spirtit went :). Ive bought a great book: Artist's Journal Workshop, creating your life in words and pictures written by Cathy Johnson. It's a really practical book with lots of examples, ideas and tips.
I love it!
I've also started another project: to draw a face every day. I haven't draw, sketched, painted faces since highschool which is a long long time ago :). I've been collecting faces from magazines and folders to inprove my skill. Haven't used them jet. Maybe I will show the whole sketchbook in a video when it's finished.
Oh and of course I've been working in my altered book. This two weeks lesson was about pockets.
Elizabeth showed lots and lots of examples on her blog and it was so much fun to make some!

The one on the right is kind of a secret pocket.
Degene aan de rechterkant is semi-verborgen

I've prepared the left page for another page with secret pockets. I've the idea just have to figure out how to make it :)
De linkerpagina is geprepareerd voor een pagina met verborgen pockets. Het idee zit in m'n hoofd maar ik moet nog even uitzoeken hoe ik het ga maken.
And the one I'm sooooo proud of. It worked out so well. :)  :)  :)  :)
En degene waar ik super trots op ben. Gewoon omdat hij helemaal gelukt is. :)  :)  :)  :)

Want to know where the secret pocket is???



                                                                     \  | /

Nice isn't it!
Leuk he!

Love Susan

zondag 8 juli 2012

Update Altered book lesson 9 - Uptdate Altered book les 9

Hey there,

Here is the promised update on backgrounds. The Shaving Cream Backgrounds.
if your interested in the used techniques check out the turorial on Elizabeth's blog.
I've used her technique combined with Week TWENTY THREE - More marbling techniques on http://janfoxdesigns-52playdates.blogspot.nl/.

 The next badge I made with a little bit more water:

For the perfect consitancy you just have too practice. Same for the paper you want too use. printerpaper turned out too thin for me. Aquarel paper works great but is a bit thick so if your foame isn't spread equelly there can be parts missing. The paper which worked best for me was childerens drawing paper from the HEMA. (a dutch store).
I've made a lot more but it's a bit too much too show here. :) One sheet will be used in lesson 11: Pockets.

Love Susan

Favourite brunch - jummie brunch

Hello everyone,
Hallo allemaal,

I hope your sunday started as good as mine! I made us a delicious brunch:
Homemade fruit salad, homemade american pancakes with mapple sirup and whipcream.
Ik hoop dat jullie zondag net zo goed gestart is als de mijne. Ik heb een heerlijke brunch voor R en mezelf gemaakt. Zelfgemaakte fruitsalade, american pancakes van koopmans met ahornsiroop (reform afdeling ah) en een beetje slagroom.

It was soooo delicious especially with the maple sirup. Maple sirup is ridiculous expensive over here (€ 5,00 for 250 ml that's a bit more than a cup. (a cup is 235 ml)).
Het was zoooo lekker, vooral door de ahorn siroop. Helaas is ahornsiroop hier zo belachelijk duur.
I enjoy it so much. When I came back from the states (I've been there 5 weeks in 2006) I took 3 bottle with me. They are long gone of cause and today I saw this bottle in the supermarket and just couldn´t resist.
Ik vind het zo lekker. Toen ik terug kwam uit amerika heb ik 3 flessen meegenomen.(dat was in 2006) Die zijn natuurlijk al lang op en toen ik deze fles in de ah zag kon ik het gewoon niet weerstaan.

Love Susan