maandag 18 juli 2011

Challenge by Debra

I "found" this blog this weekend and liked the challenge she had set, go big and/or use materials your not used to. So a very good moment for me to test my new inktense blocks and work a lot bigger than I'm used to. (20 by 10 Inch. 25 bij 50 cm)
Here is what I made:

Inktense blocks and watercolor
 I made the background first, with the inktense blocks and then draw the scene with pencil.
Then I colored everything with watercolor.
At last I made the background wet, so the inkblock colors would fill in the rest.

Things I would do different next time:
1. Take more time, I was a bit in a hurry because there was a lot more I had to make.
2. Wet the paper with the inkblock colors on it before painting in the drawing.
3. Use other paper, this was far to thin for watercoloring.

Have a lovely week.

xo Susan

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