vrijdag 15 maart 2013

Buttons - Knoopjes

Hi Guys,

How are you all doing? I'm recovered from the flu, I'm still a bit weary but I'm sure that will be over when spring begins. (or the sun comes out) We've had a couple of lovely sunny days but now its snowing again.
I've been a bit creative, even when I was ill but the first thing I want to show is my new button collection. I've received these buttons from my lovers aunt. :)


Quite a large nummer and huge variety!! I love looking at them and I'm pondering on projects to use them!

Love Susan

3 opmerkingen:

Bleubeard and Elizabeth zei

You scored big time. What a fabulous gift. I assure you, you got some lovely old buttons. I would be tempted just to look at this container all day long!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth zei

I forgot to tell you, I hope you are feeling better. I haven't had the flu, but I had something that kept both Bleubeard and me down for days.

tinajo zei

Wow, you have so many - pretty little collection!