donderdag 11 april 2013

chaotic times

Hi guys,

Sooo I've got a lot to tell you all. The biggest news is that we are going to move. My love has found a job in Aberdeen, Scotland. If all goes well the next 6 weeks (he has to pass the retraining tests) I'll be following him there in 6 months!
Emigrating from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom.
It's a lot to take in, to organize and so on. But I'm quite exited.

My love has started his training the 8th of April, which was my Birthday so booohooo for me, I had too spend the day without him. Luckily a lot of friends and family stopped by. (I made some yummie blueberry muffins and at the end of the day they were all gone :))
Yesterday was the day that marked our 10 years together and I haven't even spoken to my love because he's so busy. I did get a wattsapp message, so I'm not really complaining but there are moments that its hard. Soo to chear myself up I've brought myself some washi-tape. I've read that they aren't hot/trending anymore but I still love, love, love them.

  Now I have to think about a place to store them, my old one is full (of washi-tape).

Last time I told you all about projects I saw on Youtube with alcohol and spray ink or acrylic paint.
I've tried a few pages with spay ink and its amazing. Really beautifull background pages with al kinds off shapes.
Here are my pages. I've used different "undergrounds", some pages have none, others have gesso or aquarell ground (schmincke)

First layer: Aquarell-ground. Second layer color wash, multipule times alcohol drops. Third layer:home made glittermist on alcohol basis.
sprayed the paper with water before using the color wash and alcohol.
backsite of the previous paper. I like this side better !

First layer: Gesso, second layer Color wash with alcohol.

Gesso and Aqua-ground with color wash
Dylusions and colorwash on dry paper with alcohol drops.

Backside of the paper in the previous picture. Again I like this side better!

Sooo next time I will tell you what I recieved for my birthday and show some project I made with it.

Thanks for reading!

Love Susan

3 opmerkingen:

Catharina Maria zei

Je hebt er erge mooie pagina's bij zeg .Het is haast altijd toeval hoe het uitpakt maar jij mag hier trots op zijn ..
Lieve groet ♥RINI♥

Veronique zei

Good news for you Susan!
What kind of alcohol do you use for the background?
Enjoy your washi tapes! I never bought washi tape but plan to. I want to see what I could do with it!
What are you going to do with them?

su-pyo zei

Good luck to you two!:)