maandag 7 november 2011

Busy week

Hi there,
I'm sorry I don't update this blog as much as I wish. But I'm very busy with my study which is finally comming to an end, not yet there but I can see the finish line!
Last friday I had a day off and went to my parents. There still are a lot of flowers in my moms garden, which I find suprising in November:
This "sunny" fower just made my day!
The is also a plant that makes lovely darkblue/purple seeds on red branches:
I really gona paint this ones, some time soon! (made with Instagram on my Iphone)
And of course; House had to climbe the only tree there was:
King of the garden!! ( the red line snapped today in my own garden, and he went on an adventure in the neighbourgardens, I was totally stressed out. My neighbour caught him and now he's not going out for a little while!)
 Of course he wanted to come down eventually, and needed a little help

Can you get me out, please!
He also managed to fall into the water, so I had to give him a bath. It was an eventfull day for him.

I'll try to blog some more the next weeks!

Have a nive week!


2 opmerkingen:

tinajo zei

Such pretty flowers! It´s good that you focus on your studies, good luck! :-)

VĂ©ronique zei

Regarding your comment on the stones in felt.
I have not painted real stones, I have only few stones from Nova Scotia and I want to keep them the way they look.
Lovely colour on the sunny flower!