maandag 14 november 2011


To stay in touch with each other after college my friends and I try to see each other around 4 times a year, birthdays not included. 1 of these days together we usually go to the Efteling. Our all time favourite attraction park. (It's the best I've been too, including Moviepark germany and Eurodisney. The Efteling does have super rollercoasters (Joris and the dragon is the best) but there are also more quiet and dreamy rides like Droomvlucht and my altime favourite FataMorgana) So there we went last sunday to the WinterEfteling. It's the same as the summer Efteling, only the whole park is decorated with wintertheme's. Huge 3d cards, lights in the trees, fake snow on some trees, an iceskating ring and so on. The best thing are the huge campfires, much needed too. We had a great day with "poffertjes"(miniture pancakes) and a lot of hot chocolade milk.
1st: Vogelrock; a rollercoaster in the dark. 2nd: One of the many houses in the "Land van Laaf" (country of the Laaf people)
Even though the campfires I was very cold on the end of the day, so we didn't make it till 8 pm but we did have a great day. But next time we go in a warmer month!

Have a nice week!

Love Susan

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tinajo zei

Love the pics - and sounds like a great idea to do this to keep in touch. :-)


Wow, those are absolutely beautiful photos! I think I may be in love with the houses in "Land van Leaf". Sounds like you had an incredible time with friends...and poffertjes--what a perfect combo!