zaterdag 17 december 2011

Weekend goodness

For a little relax time we went to Chateau du Raay in Baarlo, we have been there before and it's a great hotel with goodsize beds (2.10 mtr) and delicious food!
Le chateau

view from the room
The dining and breakfast room. In Christmas style! Funfact: all the chandelier are different.
And than when we came home and there was a parcel for me with a lot of fun creative stuff:

There was more; beautifull paper and new knifes, I can't wait to try everything. Too bad my desk and study really need a cleaning session. So that's how I will be spending my sunday, a real clean up of my desk and clossets. Hopefully it won't take al day and I can go and "play" with my new stuff!

2 opmerkingen:

tinajo zei

That place looks fantastic - and how fun to get new things to play with! :-)

VĂ©ronique zei

Have fun with your new supplies!
Thanks for the comment!