maandag 9 april 2012

Alterd Book lesson 3 - "boek aanpassen" les 3

OK, I'm very late and it's not quite finished but I'll be able to finish it this week.

Oke, giga te laat en nog niet helemaal af maar dat gaat nog wel lukken deze week.

A piece of wallpaper, I once bought a whole rol for a smal price. Finished wit some masking tape.
Stuk behangpapier, ooit een hele rol gekocht voor een klein prijsje. Afgewerkt met masking tape.

The nisches in my book, I had to change my knife 2 times!
I have to glue the edges this week. The 1st square is already drying from its 1st layer.
De nisches in het boek. Ik heb het mesje 2x moeten vervangen!
Nu moeten de randen alleen nog geplakt worden. De 1ste laag zit al op het 1ste vierkant en staat al te drogen.
Left over paper from the nishes. I probably can use it some time so they go into the storage bag.
Papier dat uit de nisches komt. Het is vast nog wel ergens voor te gebruiken dus nog maar even bewaren.

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tinajo zei

Looks like fun! :-)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth zei

This is the first time I have been able to visit your blog. I was finally able to track you down, but when you leave a link through the linky, I get a message that I am not allowed to view your blog because it is private. Or I get a message that I don't have the authority to view your blog. Not sure why, but it might be the way you are copying the link.

Regardless, I am here now, and I am starting on the chapter with the niche. I could have started with a belated birthday, and how much I love those cupcakes!!

You were quite ambitious with your niches. Three!! Very impressive. I can sure understand having to change blades so often, too.

The front pages are fantastic. The wonderful way you used the wallpaper was perfect. Now I'm off to see the rest of the assignments.