zondag 22 april 2012

Altered book Lesson 5 - Les 5

Time for another update on Elizabeth's turorial.
This dubble weeks theme was Design Principles (part1)
Homework evolves around 1 or more of the principles from this week. (Harmony, Unity, Balance, Emphasis, and Proportion.)

Tijd voor een nieuwe update over Elizabeth's turorial.
Het thema voor deze twee weken was Design principes (deel 1).
Je kon kiezen om 1 of meer van de principes uit te werken (Harmonie, Eenheid, Balance, "Belangrijkheid" en Proportie. )

close-op detail.

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Ann B zei

Hi Susan, thanks for visiting my blog and for being kind about my altered book. Wonderful how people from countries all over the world are taking part in Elizabeth's class.

I like your interpretation of balance and proportion - love your skyscrapers - and have had a peep at previous lessons. your book is going to be beautiful.

Ann B

SandeeNC zei

wow, loving your interpretation on the balance and porportion homework! You have a keen sense of both mental and artistic view at the same time! I LOVE them! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

BJ zei

Hi Susan, Thanks for visiting my altered book. I love your interpretation of balance. The ribbons on your tags are great too. BJ

tinajo zei

Hey - this is really pretty, I love it! :-)

Sherry zei

I love your balance page!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth zei

I was blown away by "Balance." What a lovely and perfect way to show that technique. I am truly impressed. Wonderful!!

Of course, I am also in love with "Proportion" because I could use that city scape (skyscrapers) in my Houses AB. You get such great detail in the stamps, too.

And the bird is perfect to show proportion. I LOVE how your mind works!!