zaterdag 10 november 2012

Altered Book Lesson 15 Decorative edges

Hello,  Hallo,

A day earlier than promised: My work for lesson 15; Decoratieve Edges from the turorial at Elizabeth's blog.
It took me a little longer because I wanted to use home made buttons. I saw the tutorial on Jenny's blog. It's real fun but it took me longer to make them than I expected.

Een dag eerder dan beloofd: Mijn huiswerk voor les 15; Decoratieve randen van de turorial op Elizabeth's blog.
Het koste me wat meer tijd omdat ik mijn zelfgemaakte knopen wilde gebruiken. Ik zag de turorial op Jenny's blog. Het is erg leuk om te doen maar koste me meer tijd dan ik had verwacht.

Homemade buttons - Zelfgemaakte knopen

Decorative edges with the buttons:
Decoratieve randen met knopen:

Close-up button

And another decorative edge with some homemade beads and homemade washi-tape:
En nog eentje met zelfgemaakte knopen en washi-tape:

Close-up beads

I'll be posting Lesson 18 tomorrow!
Ik zet morgen het huiswerk voor les 18 op de blog!

CU Susan

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Bleubeard and Elizabeth zei

Susan, you are on a roll!! I'm delighted to see all these lessons and now want to know how you made the buttons. I went to the web site you linked to, but can't access the video. So I hope you'll share the basics, like are they polymer clay, or ??? I did love your take on the page.

EDIT: this is the forth time I've added the word verification and all I keep getting is I'm not doing it right. Here goes #5!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth zei

Susan, you still have time to find your zipper. I won't be posting this until NEXT Sunday. I couldn't get to everyone and show everything this week, because I'm so far behind. I was so frustrated, I just held my head in shame at the mess I made trying to show all the pages. In the end, I decided to split it into tonight's post and one next Sunday. So at least one more week and you will have all of the lessons finished. I hope you can find a zipper before then, because I can't send you one in time. Wish I'd known sooner and I would have dropped one in the mail to you.