vrijdag 30 november 2012


Hello my dear readers!

I have decided too give away:

This is their first international edition, I think you will love it!

So what are the conditions too win:
-  Leave a comment.
-  If your like my blog follow me.
Easy peacy I think.

I will anounce a winner at the 10th of December, so the winner will recieve it just before Christmas.

Love Susan

5 opmerkingen:

Bleubeard and Elizabeth zei

AH!! I was worried I couldn't leave a comment, but not to worry because it was also easy peasy.

This looks like an awesome magazine. And yes, I would love to win it. You were right. It is right up my alley (so to speak).

Gill zei

This looks a great magazine!
Count me in please!

Gill zei

I'm a new follower!

su-pyo zei

Thanks for noticing on my blog, Susan! I was wondering when it comes. ;)
It looks very interesting, most of all I like the quote from Eleanor Roosevelt.;) Great honor to join in!

Veronique zei

Looks like a super magazine...