maandag 19 november 2012


Goodmorning all,

I was wondering do you eat breakfast? I know a lot of people who can't do without  it but also people who cant eat a bite. I'm an "inbetweener" (is that a word??) I can't eat breakfast when its really early. Like 5.15 am, I just drink a glas of milk and off I go. But an hour later I'm always hungry. In the "normal" mornings which start between 6.00 en 6.30 am I start with tea and an hour later I'm ready to have a "light"breakfast like this:
Cappucino and two crackers (Vitalu, meergranen). I love these crackers. They are a bit sweet, so they are yummie without anything on them, thats how I eat them at work. But with cheese ...hmmm makes my day.
However if I don't have to get out of bed at a certain time and I get out when I want, I can eat almost anything.

So just some thoughts this morning. :)
I'm going to have a give-away this week, just to make you wonder, haha.

Love Susan

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Bleubeard and Elizabeth zei

Wow, those crackers and cheese look delicious. Nope, I am not a breakfast eater, since I only eat once a day. But I might consider eating those crackers, since they look so yummy.