woensdag 23 januari 2013

Creative JumpStart 13 and 15

Hi Guys,

So here are some pictures of what I've been making using the techniques provided by Creative Jumpstart video 13 and 15. You might think where are 12 and 14; well I love technique 12 but I think it will take time, so I'm gona do the techniques in that video when I feel relaxed and have the time too really dive into it. 14 is a give away so no technique there.

Creative JumpStart 13 is a video made by Nathalie herself. And here she uses gesso with her stamps.
I really liked the idea and tried the technique with a few stamps. Conclusion: don't use stamps with fine details, like my pencil stamp, that won't work.

The flowers are from Heroarts, the pencilstamp I got as a gift and there was no name on it.
I made this one with a background stamp from Darkroom Door. They have amazing stamps I would like to have them all :) Too bad they are a bit expensive and I'm still a student with a job that pays me a crapy salary. :)

Creative JumpStart 15 is a video by Christine. She uses a spray coating named: Krylon Crystal Clear to make transfers on fabric and clay. I was sooooo excited to try that one because the results in the video are fabulous.
Krylon is not for sale in The Netherlands so I used a coating I had from Winsor and Newton.
Lets just say the results are totaly different :)
I'm not even going to show you the result I had on fabric becauce its just a blob of color, barely visable. Okay maybe I should have used denim, but it was light blue and I had a project in mind.
I also tried it on clay, I've used DAS, modeling material. It's a bit grey when its wet but dries up white. I only have a picture when it was still wet. I tried to make a picture just jet but it's already too dark so that picture will have to wait for my next blogpost.

So that's it for now.
See you next week!

Love Susan

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tinajo zei

I can see you´ve enjoyed yourself, lovely!

Veronique zei

I really like the pencil stamp. Thanks for sharing the technique on transfer on clay.

Introverted Art zei

it looks very very nice. love it.