zondag 27 januari 2013

Creative JumpStart 16 to 30

Goeie middag, good afternoon,

I've had an evening out yesterday. I had a delicious dinner and a good time with my friend Wanda. After dinner we went to the bar we used to go to a lot when we were younger. At the bar were a couple of friends and we had a blast. So now I'm a bit hoarse and very tired, but it was totally worth it!

Back to Creative JumpStart 2013, reaching the end of January means that Creative JumpStart is almost over... boehoe. I really enjoy the daily mails with fun techniques.
The last video was number 37 but I'm not that up to date :)
So here is what I've made:

Number 16 with Anna, she uses tiny tiny seed beads. I love what she made but it's not really my style.
Nummer 18 with Nathalie: Watersplash and Acrylic paint:

Very fun technique. I'm definitively going to use it more!! In the last one I used some kitchentowel to dab the water off, I think I pressed too hard because the texture is still visable!! Which is a good thing, I love texture :)

CJS 19 was shown by Rachel an oilpastel resist technique, among 2 others, with photostamps. I loved the result and tried my best, but I think I don't have the right photostamp. I love the DarkroomDoor stamps a lot, but they are quite expensive for me (student, with a low paid parttime job.)

Here's my result:

CJS 20 is presented by Janna. 3 ways too make splatters with spray inks. A very lovely video with techniques I knew, but a superb refresh video :) And I had a lot of fun making this:

CJS video nummer 22 is made by Claudine and she shows us three ways too use sticky back canvas. I loved it, but I don't have sticky back canvas. I put in on my supply list and when I have money to spend I'm gona buy myself a packet.

CJS technique video 24 is made by Nathalie: A very fun and fast technique to make colorfull backgrounds with a few blobs of paint and a brayer.

On the first one you can still see the texture the brayer made. The second one was quite messy so I sprayed with water and use a kitchentowel to dab dry and it left the beautiful texture. The last one was also messy, so I sprayed with water but used a babywhipe to remove the remnant paint. No texture there.

After I made these fun pages I wanted to make something else and I carved 4 stamps. I really love to make my own stamps if its possible:

CJS 26 is a video made by Carmen; she shows 3 different ways to use napkins. Lovely to see but not really my kind of style. But visit her blog because the things she makes and shows there are awesome!
CJS 28 is presented by Vicky; she shows her new die(cut) but I don't have a die cutting machine.

CJS nummer 29 is another fun video from Nathalie. She uses acrylic ink on (old) black and white pictures. I love it! I don't think I would have tried that. Too use ink on pictures opens a lot of possibilities!! I made this composition photo:

And this is how it looked after I used the acrylic inks:

So and now the last CJS in this post number 30 by Revlie; She shows a couple of different ways to use felt and fabric in your art(journals). Really inspiring and I'm defenitly going to use some of her ideas after I've bought some Felt.

I hope you all have/had a lovely weekend.

Love Susan

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Veronique zei

Super cool the black and white photo with acrylic inks! Did you use a photocopy or a "real" photo at the beginning?

Janna Werner zei

Oh I love all your CJS projects!!
Hugs Janna