zondag 6 januari 2013

Creative JumpStart - mask, stencils and glitter spray

Hi there,
Here's another try to Creative JumpStart thanks too Natalie from N*studio. The teacher for this technique was Heidi Swapp.
Love Susan

3 opmerkingen:

tinajo zei

Looks very pretty!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth zei

I tried to access the video for Day 3 and it wouldn't run for me. I even went to the Vimeo site, but no luck there, either. So, I didn't even try days 4 and 5. I'll go back after I reboot later tonight and try again.

I'm impressed with your stencils and masks. I get them mixed up, as to which is which. But I sure like that page. Guess I need a book for that, right?

Veronique zei

Really like the heart and butterflies!