maandag 14 januari 2013

Creative JumpStart 9 & 10

Hi there,

I'm still being amazed by the techniques in Creative JumpStart by Nathalie.
I've tried some and here are the result of video 9 with Karen :
I allways clear my desk, set up the supplies I need and go for a cup of tea or coffee, the picture below is how I found my desk after getting tea:

So after putting House in his basket (its a he and his name is House M.D.(yeah after the brilliant televisionserie :)), or House for short. After getting rid of his hair, which is very fluffy and goes everywhere, I was ready to start.
Karen uses a Gelli Plate for her background. I don't have one and use a sheet of plastic, its workable:

I don't have the beautifull coloured molding paste Karen used so I made my own with:

It worked quite well although I wouldn't put any perfect peals in a second batch.
The sparks became visible after drying.


Lesson 10

Lesson 10 was made by Nathalie herself and consist a resist technique with gel medium.
For the first page I used colorwash, gesso, gel medium (golden) and a stencil:
I didn't like the color, its a bit dull. So I tried a second time but didn't gesso the page and used dylusions:
The colours are a lot brigher which I like but it looks like the color has run under the dried gelmedium, which I don't like. So maybe I should use a primer especially for watercolor. I might give it a try later.
I've got a very busy week ahead so I hope I will have time to try some other techniques and show the results here next monday but I won't promise anything.
I hope you'll have a great week,
Love Susan

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Veronique zei

It's so fun to experiment!
So many techniques to try! I can see you enjoyed this creative time, who would not like it?