woensdag 2 januari 2013

Creative JumpStart - stencils

Hi there,

So this year is starting very creative, thanks too Natalie from N*studio and for today thanks too Julie Fei-Fan Balzer from Balzer Design.
Julie showed some cool techniques using stencils. Here's my attempt:
The tags, and because I don't like to throw away good ink and paint, the first page in the little sketchbook I use for this Creative JumpStart Workshop.
This is the finished tag:
I think its a bit too crowded / to much color and figures.
The line is from Albert Einstein and says: 'Logic takes you from A to B, Imagination brings you everywhere'

The tag together with the page gives a nice finished image:

I'm curious what we will learn tomorrow :)

Love Susan

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Bleubeard and Elizabeth zei

Wow, Susan. Those tags are unbelievable. I'm like you and never waste paint or spray. Love the look you got on the tags AND the book page. Way to go.